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INPAKT GROUP South Africa is committed in providing comprehensive solutions and services for filling, packaging and processing machines. We are an International supplier of specialized and customized packaging machines and have strong business relationships with multiple machine manufacturers and reputable engineers not to mention a srong inhouse Inpakt technical team. We are thus able to complete the 3i phase method:
input - identify - initiate - Our solutions and designs are suited to your needs and improved by our experience and trend-setter new generation approach. Together with the technical solution, we provide total management of the manufacturing process from design to delivery and beyond.

Albertina is a renowned producer of filling, labelling and capping machines. Our machinery finds its use in food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.Range of the machines that Albertina produces is very wide, both in term of capacity and in term of package sizes.In addition to various types of machines we also supply complete filling lines with the capacity from 1000 to 12000 bottles per hour. The lines include filling and capping machines, labelling machine, shrink tunnel and conveyor belts.Albertina is a reliable partner not only in production, but also in consultancy, service and certification, including certification of lines for an environment with explosion hazard. We also providefications in pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceutical Packaging Systems
Labelling Machines
Capping Machines
Bottle unscrambles
Doy Bag Filling
Self Adhesive Labeller
Pharmaceutical Filling Machines
Safety labels on box flaps
Ampoule and Vial Labelling
Cup filling and sealing
Tube filling and sealing
Semi-automatic filling
Cup fillers, mechanical drive

Multilane Sachet VFFS
Sachet Multilane Filler
Stick Pack Multilane Fillers
Shaped Sachet
Multi Lane

Bottling lines
Beverage, Beer, Water
5 Gal./19 ltr Water Filling Machine
Bag in Box Filling
Bottle Conveyor Systems
Carbonators/ Deaerators
Caps-Trigger Pumps Feeders
Doypack Pouch Filling

Bagging Machines
Sachet Multilanes
Stick Pack multilanes
VFFS for large bags
Block Bottom Bag
Premade Filling Machines

Cartoning + Shrink Wrap
Shrink Wrapping
Bundle Wrap
Componenet Shrink Pack
Hardware Shrink Wrapping
High Speed Shrink Wrap
Semi Auto Shrink Wrapping
Cigarette Box Wrapping
Pharmaceutical Box Wrapping
Cellophane Wrapping

Open Mouth Bagging
Form, Fill & Seal
Palletising Systems
Big Bag Filling
Cereals & Seeds
Low Density Powders
Plastic Granules
Milk Powder
Cat Litter
Animal Feed
Building Materials
Pet Food
Wooden Pellets

Sleeve Labels
Shrink Sleeve labels
Shrink Labels
Heat Shrink Tunnel
Steam Tunnel
Electric Tunnel
Bottle Dryer
Pre Shrink

Tube Filling & Sealing
Tube Sealing Machine
Cup Filling & Capping Machine
Cup Sealing Machine
Bottle Filling
Filling Lines
Bottle Capping
Cosmetic Tube Filling
Semi Auto Tube System

Tablet counter for pills and capsules
Capsule Counting & Filling
Tablet Counting Machine
Pill Counting & Fillling Machines
Auto Tablet Counter
Semi Auto Tablet Counter
Bench Top Tablet Counter


Case Packers
Handle Applicator
Case Erector

Cartoning Machines
Depalletizers Machines
Carton Forming Machines
Bor Erectors
Carton Dividers
Carton Forming Machines
Case Erecting Machines
Case Packers
Case Divider Inserts
Box Sealers
Handle Applicators
Palletising Machines
Divider Inserter

End of Line Packaging
Pallet Stretch Wrap Machine
Strapping Machines
Stretch Wrap for Paper Roll
Shrink wrapper
Wrapping Machines


Vertical Form./Fill/Seal
Sachet Packaging machine
Bag Packaging machine
Multi-lanes machines
Horizontal Form/Fill/Seal
Flow Wrapping Machine
Sachet/Pouch Packaging
Blister & Thermo Packaging
Fill & Seal Packaging
Rotary motion Doypack
Mini Doypack Machine
Tube Filling & Sealing
Coffee Capsule Packaging
Volumetric Fillers & Scales
Auger filling Machine
Volumetric Cup filling machine
Scales & Weighing machines
Coffee capsule filling machine

Soap Lines
Soap Saponification
Soap Dryer
Soap Cooling
Soap Mixers
Soap Roll Mills
Soap Plodders
Soap Cutters
Soap Presses
Lab Equipment

Food Processing Machines
Canning Lines
Fish Canning
Jam Processing
Fruit Canning
Bean Canning
Vegetable Processing
Glass Bottle Preserve
Basket Loader
Basket Unloader
Cup Fillers

This generation of vertical multi-lane intermittent motion machines allows for the packaging of the innovative and modern "stick-packs", tubular bags that are sealed on three sides. Providing a pleasant looking presentation and practical use, stick-packs also allow for considerable savings in terms of packing film. The CC model is a machine designed for packaging a wide range of products: solid, powdery, granular, liquid and pasty, and is employed in a variety of sectors that needsstick packing. The machine uses a single roll of heat-sealing film, which is pre-cut in the number of packaging lanes. A tubular sleeve is created out of each strip, and then sealed lengthwise; the horizontal sealing unit forms the stick. The machine is managed completely electronically; handling operations are guaranteed by brushless servomotors, and a touch screen operator interface allows for high precision, making this machine extremely easy to use. This machine model is produced in versions with 1 to 20 lanes. Special versions can be supplied on specific request. Innovative design features are the result of advanced technical research; filler and bag forming units are set in a tiered formation with respect to the machine base, facilitating its operation and responding to GMP and FDA standards.

Inpakt Filling Systems have supplied bottling, labelling, and packagingequipment for water, soft drinks, beers, wines, spirits, food sauces, chemicals and toiletries . A traditional family business that listens to our clients, acts as technical advisors and delivers customised solutions tailored to your specific production requirements. Our vast worldwide experience in Filling and Packaging of liquid products offers you a chance to tap into our extensive databank of project management and technical knowledge.Market Applications for our Machines Inpakt Filling Systems and IC Labelling Systems provide a wide range of filling and labelling solutions to meet the specific demands of our global clients. Operating in the UK, USA and internationally, we manufacture and build every machine in our modern factory in Italy, providing the latest technology. As a result, we produce only the highest quality bottling and labelling equipment. Wines and Spirits Bottle Filling Systems Beer Bottling Machines for Breweries and Ciders Water and Soft Drinks Filling Systems. Food Sauces Filling and Packaging Equipment Our range of fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual machines are widely used in the filling and capping of various products including. Beer o Wine o Cider o Spirits o Juices o Drinking Water. Liquid Foods and Sauces o Chemicals and Toiletries Manufacturing takes place exclusively at our hi-tech production units in Italy, using cutting edge filling technology and high quality components suitable and certified for food use. Packaging Machines & Layouts. Automatic Machines . Semi-automatic Machines. Labelling Machines. Capping Machines. Bottle Washing & Rinsing .Packaging Machines. Process Machines. Complete Bottling Lines. Suppliers of Bottling Capping Labelling Packaging Equipment. IC Filling Systems have been supplying bottling and packaging machines to small and medium size users since 1994. We have advised on how to integrate a complete bottling line to many users, who have been . If you need a small bottling plant for beer, wine, water, oil, vinegar, alcohol, sauces or chemical products we can supply yo with a project completely designed and delivered by IC Filling Systems. with bottle conveyor system, a rinsing-filling-capping machine block, a labeller, a ink jet coder, a shrink wrapping multi-pack machine, a palletiser and a depalletiser, and whatever else you require. ? Do you need to pasteurise or carbonate your product, mix it orpasteurise the filled bottles? ? Just starting a new business? Looking for a complete laboratory plant to fill your bottles for marketing tests?

Process Machines, FFS, Form Fill and Seal, Sachet, Stick Pack, Granular filling, Powder Filling, Liquid Filling, Bottle Filling (and other Filling Machines), Capping, Screw on, Push on, Boxing, Cartoning, Strapping, Shrink wrapping, Sleeving Canning Lines, Seaming Machines, Seamers, Collating machines, Ice Lolly fillers, Tub fillers,Cup Fillers, Doy Pack, S tand Bag, X-Ray inspection, Metal Detection, Check Weighing, Bagging Machines, Blow Moulding machines, Hot Foil Printers, Mixing Machines, Blenders, Process Vessels, Tanks, Homogenizers, Capsule Fillers, Tablet Presses, ThermoFormers, Labellers, Bottle Unscrambler's, Blister Packaging, Sealer Machine, and many more...

Cellophane wrapping Cellophane packaging Cigarette packing Cosmetic packing Cellophane w
esive tape or glue
. The carton magazine has been built with an inclined position to ease tCellophane packaging Cigarette packing Cosmetic packing Cellophane wrappinghe operator. With a capacity of about 100 cartons, it is equipped with an automatic feeding system to always assure the carton presence at the collection point. Adjustments for format change are carried out by means of handwheels. Cartons are opened by means of a pick-up head with suckers operated by a vacuum pump. Lap closing is done pneumatically. All the pneumatic material the machine is equipped with complies with ISO rules whereas its electric control board complies with CE norms

Suppliers of packaging machines for larger bags, semi automatic and automatis, Open Mouth Bagging, Form, Fill & Seal, Palletising Systems, Big Bag Filling machines for the Cereals & Seeds, Low Density Powders, Fertilisers, Plastic Granules, Flours, Milk Powder Cat Litter, Animal Feed, Building Materials, Pet Food, Sugar, Wooden Pellets

The specialties manufacturing of Auto-matic Shrinking Sleeve Labeling Machines, heat tunnels, bottle dryers, shrink sleeving machine, pilfer shrink sleeves, neck shrink sleeves labels.

The Inpakt range of packaging machines and cup filling machines as followsTube Filling & Sealing, Tube Sealing Machine, Cup Filling & Capping Machine, Cup Sealing Machine, Bottle Filling, Filling Lines, Bottle Capping, Homogenizers, Cosmetic Tube Filling, Semi Auto Tube System,

Packaging is a sa Manufacturer and its tablet counting machine is suitable for coated or uncoated pills, capsules or soft gelatine capsules. Ranging from small bench and table top semi-automatic machines through to fully automatic tablet counters incorporated within a counting/filling line.

We are agents for the following mend of line machines Cartoners, Shrinkwrapper, Case Packers, Robotics, Handle Applicator, Case Erector, Overwrapper,

npakt group supplies cartoning machines, deppalletizer machines, carton forming machines, box erecting machines, carton divider inserting machines, carton closing machines,, palletising machines, case erector machines, case packer, case divider placing, case divider inserts, carton case sealer, box sealers, case palletising machines and case dividers, handle applying machine.

Inpakt grou are suppliers of AUTOMATIC PALLET STRETCH WRAPPING MACHINE WITH ROTATING RING EQUIPPED WITH WATERTIGHT TOP HEET DISPENSER, stretch wrappers, pallet wrappers, shrink wrap machines, strapping machines, semi auto shrink wrappers. We also supply SEMI-AUTOMATIC PALLET STRETCH WRAPPING MACHINE WITH ROTATING arm and stretch WRAPPING MACHINES FOR PAPER ROLL


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